Power up and make a name for yourself! We have Tournaments for the more casual to come network and expand their game and also more competitive Tournaments for those trying to reach the TOP!


Increase your skills as you socialize and network with other gamers. Compete in weekly in-person games as you go through the schedule and into the playoffs to become the Supreme Champion!


From Tournaments to Leagues, we will be catching it all so you can share with friends and family. See the evolution of your game and chronical the history as you become a LEGEND!

VR at the Bar

Virtual Reality is the next evolution of gaming. We have experiences and games for beginners to experts, including exciting multiplayer games! We are at multiple locations weekly, come see what all the fuss is about!

Bringing the Gaming Community TOGETHER!

Alamo City eLeagues creates an environment to bring gamers across different genres and platforms together in the Greater San Antonio area. Amongst your friends you may only know a few who play the same kind of games as you, so we are a HUB for people like you to come together! We are recently established, yet already hold a continuous cycle of Tournaments and Leagues, receiving praises and continued support amongst the community. Our passion and vision sets us apart and will propel us to new gaming heights.

Grassroots, we started from the bottom up, grindin' to make what we have got. Multiple Consoles, big screens and eSports monitors, we got what gamers want. With unique Tournaments and Leagues, we offer what no one else in the area is doing, come compete and network today!


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